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Software development

(Disclaimer: this page is a bit dated - you know, technology changes...)

What is my favourite platform you may ask. Open Web Platform I'd reply. Web is an amazing medium that is free to use to everyone. No vendor lock-in, no proprietary tools. On the other hand, it suffers from the fact that it was constructed as a network for exchange of documents. It was just simple hypertext back then. Times have changed. Today's internet users expect smooth, interactive yet reliable tools. It's challenging to deliver those, but pleasing when done properly.

What am I up to?

Professionally I've spent last five years or so working as a software developer for several companies. To name a few - FNZ, Adacta or most recently Snapshot where I also tried to implement some basic user-centered design methods. That was quite fun and eye opening. I'd like to do this more!

During those years spent as a software developer, I had a chance to get in touch with some incredibly skilled and open-minded people. It was also excellent opportunity to get my hands on useful technologies in web development space. To name a few:

How about the process?

Is waterfall dead? Is agile dead? I hope not. Both have their place and both can be successful. Hopefully we can take the good out of each methodology and use it in our advantage.

Generally speaking - cross-department collaborations in combination with self-motivated individuals seem to make a difference when building well tailored products. Diverse feedback that you get from people with different backgrounds is priceless when iterating on some concept. It might take time to process it and learn from it. If your aim is to build superior products, it's inevitable. Inclusion of end users in creative process is preferred. This can give us instant feedback. The speed of feedback loop is important factor of being able to pivot product well.

I did mention iterating previously. That's because it is an important part of incremental way of making software. Fast (not rushed) prototyping helps to find a proper way to move forward. If we find out we have made a bad decision previously, taking a step back is not that expensive. Learning to throw away is important skill to learn in order to succeed. Platonically falling in love with imperfect prototype can easily lock peoples thoughts to some specific concept.